In Loewe German journalists were interrogated 9:00

Border guards of the Coast Guard Department of Gomel border group detained two German journalists — the head of the Moscow office shall "Deutschlandradio" Baaga Robert and his colleague from the "Rheinische Zeitung" Doris Hayman. This happened on March 24 at 16.40 near the village Byvalki Loyev Gomel region.

German journalists and their rented car with a driver Belarusian national, wrapped in Loew, the Department of the Coast Guard. There's German journalists guards kept almost 9 hours — was questioned, made a personal inspection amounted to administrative reports under article 23.30 — violation of border regime — and the decision on administrative penalty.

"This exceeds all limits, it's just a mockery. March 24 We were detained for about 16 hours, and was released in the second half of the night on March 25. Border guards I frankly told about bullying," — said Robert Baag.

During the personal search guards forced Baaga razdetstsa to the waist.

Take care of Doris Hayman outfit specially summoned for the work of women pogranichnitsa.

"This to me was not there, — Doris says Heyman. — All the more so that all the documents were in order. Even at a checkpoint on the border of Georgia and South Ossetia have I to do with myself did not see. There's a half hour later I was released and issued a civilized manner. "

Acting head of department Loyev Coast Guard commander Alexander bast issued to foreign journalists penalty of deportation without warning — for violation of the rules of entry, temporary stay and travel in the border zone.

The decision against the head of the office shall "Deutschlandradio" said that the punishment handed down also because "Baag Robert parushenmni guilty to the rules of border regime admitted to the crime sincerely repented."

The journalists returned the documents and equipment.

German journalists were traveling in Komarin Bragin district to prepare materials for the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The road on which their car was stopped by border guards, leads directly to Komarin along the Dnieper River. It is obviously on the map to choose a driver who does not know the area very well. Nobody noticed that the area of the village council Byvalkavskaga attributed to the border area on the border with Ukraine.

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