In pursuit of the aliens

In Perm Anomalous Zone recently seen unprecedented UFO activity — reporting them constantly coming local ufologists. And anomalschiki led by Director of the Russian UFO station (RUFORS) Nikolay Subbotin declared open season on the intruders.

Solid hell

According Subbotin, it has become imperative: lost valuable material, and the few specialists physically can not always provided at the right time in the right place.

— I find it hard to explain why UFOs prefer a particular place for its routes — shared with the "interlocutor" Nicholas. — But for some reason they have chosen our city.

Zone-M, M-sky triangle just Perm region — as they call it is the anomalous position in Russia. It was opened by a local geologist Emil Bachurin in October 1983, found near the village of Molebka landing UFOs — thawed perfectly round diameter of 62 m

Soon the Zone-M talked the whole country, and she has become a mecca for "Ghostbusters." In 1990-1991, the guests showered wonders in abundance: it was full of strange flying machines — usually glowing spheres and hemispheres, there were fleeting hurricanes in windless, clear weather, observed fleeing from the mists and other people hell.

— One evening we came together to cook dinner, we made a fire, — said the "interlocutor" St. Petersburg biologist, frequenter Molebka Violetta Fedotov. — And just wanted to attach a pot over it, as the fire seemed to have fallen into a pile of burning wood. Papers and other stuff with which we tried to revive the flame at the time were black and shrivel, but not burned. Removed the bowler — suddenly flashed a pillar of fire. And so a few times. In general, all went to bed hungry.

— When the Perm area in 1986 was made the first expedition, — said one of the organizers, the chairman of the Commission of the Nizhny Novgorod section on anomalous phenomena Edward Yermilov — we met unusual objects — small balls, slightly glowing blue light. They clearly demonstrate reasonable behavior, reacting to our presence, close to him were not allowed. Then they were identified as probes scouts. While we investigate the observed Bachurin the site, they did not take our eyes. At least we have not seen nearby.

"Alien as if posing for me"

About a month before the official announcement of hunting unidentified objects news of their visit came from Molebka. June 3 Yekaterinburg director Basil Goloshchapov, a longtime research M-tion zone, and even shot a documentary about her, found and captured on videotape another anomalous flyer. Now this record was hunting trophy RUFORS.

— UFOs seem to pose for me — says Goloshchapov. — That spun in place, then write out the strange trajectory, then galloping, like a ball.

Even before that, in April, in Perm was some UFO reports, according to the description — the classic flying saucer. But, unfortunately, could not shoot.

On that day, our phone just breaks, — says Nikolay. — I especially remember the call from one retired officer and former pilot. He argued that well aware of aviation technology and is confident that this object on Earth has no natural or man-made counterparts.

After molebskogo UFO phone RUFORS silent until June 29. The night Max Perm resident went out to smoke on the balcony and looked at the sky and she forgot the cigarette ran for a video camera. After a while the film was in the hands of experts.

— Recorded on cassette 1 minute 40 seconds UFO — said Subbotin. — Around the object spherical halo of light visible light, it shimmers slightly. But on closer view was that the sphere is far from perfect in form. Around it are visible dense black rim, and inside it shimmers in different lights. This we have never seen. So far met only orange sphere 1-3 meters in diameter, which usually fly no higher than 20 meters. There were also observations of light shimmering spheres about the same characteristics as that of the orange. Now our list refilled.

Survey was conducted from the balcony of the 7th floor in Linden mountains. The sky was clear, but without stars. If not for this fact, the UFO may have not have noticed: it was like a very large and bright star. Though even for the so-called shooting star, it was moving too quickly, and flying is not a straight line. Guest stayed in the sky for a long time Perm. A few days later, on July 2, the residents of the same area reported a UFO, one to one describing the object filmed Maxim. Calls continued, but soon changed the description of the object — there was a beginner.

Sank into a bright spot of the point — and lost

Another UFO appeared on July 17 in 0030 on Kama — says Subbotin. — However, no one had time to shoot a video or photo, there were only oral testimony.

This flyer is clearly not wanted fame — he shyly hiding from the audience for low clouds. Some flashes of their murky veil attracted local residents. Aerie light grew brighter. Suddenly facing the river and nearby houses lit two cone-beam-like, according to eyewitnesses, the searchlight. Approximately two minutes guests studied the terrain, then, "put out" a bright light began to move away. Suddenly, a bright spot in the bright point sank — and lost. Someone called ufologists, explained it all and hung up. Then there were a few reports of them and have a more or less clear picture of the incident.

According to Subbotin, these episodes — the beginning of the big arrival.

There is a so-called 12-year cycle of activity of the anomalous zone, it at everyone — says the researcher. — In our, observations show that the peak of activity is expected in 2003. I think the frequent UFO sightings are connected with this. The July incidents — just the beginning. It is possible that soon we just flood the material for research. It is likely that the UFO will be common "accessory" Permian sky.

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