In the banks queue. Currency is not

National Bank does not react to the currency hype: the exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble remains unchanged. But to buy dollars from banks and the euro at this rate is almost impossible.

What people are saying about it that no avail stand in line at the tabs of the money exchange?

Gomel Oblast

In exchange offices still lacks currency

In Gomel currency exchangers people are on duty in queues, waiting for someone to hand over dollars. Otherwise, cashiers may currency and stash. Such, at least, was observed in the exchange office of BPS-Bank on Sovetskaya Street.

Says Catherine, who has just moved away from the box office:

"Dollars to hide. Now I barely pulled out $ 20. That I could not see what passed, the cashier would say no. And in any exchanger you come — nowhere. Only when your own eyes. And then immediately announced a technological break. "No — I say — give $ 20.'s Neighbors in Ukraine — U.S. quietly in Russia — safely. Why do we, in Belarus, U.S. hiding? '.

That I could not see what passed, the cashier would say no.

Pensioner also spend time in the exchanger. Borrowed from acquaintances needful dollars and can not pay:

"I need dollars to pay off. I borrowed currency and Belarusian ago no one takes. Buy — and give it to the debt. Here and now need to go. The problem! I go for 2 weeks and I can not settle with a man. They do not take the Belarusian and the currency I can not buy. "

The woman said that the authorities have promised a stable exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble, and he has, in fact, fell to 10 percent:

"We were promised that everything would be fine. No devaluation margins. You see, first held the currency, and now it has grown by 10 percent. It is necessary to decide something! . "

Businessman Vladimir believes that in this situation, the National Bank does not behave in the best way. Like, you, commercial banks, increase the value of the currency by 10 percent, and we're like and do with it:

"National Bank is behaving like a street whore. No more and no less. That is, you, the commercial banks, can raise the dollar, and we will not. They want to show themselves to be good during a bad game. "

Grodno region

The situation in the region has not changed: we exchangers queue currency is not

The Grodno region the situation with the sale of currency in exchange with the first of April has not changed: people stand in line and wait for someone to pass the currency to buy it then.

At the railway station in Grodno next three exchangers, and all dollars are buying for 3102 rubles, and sell them for 3105. The only problem — that those dollars at the box office and people do not have to wait until it's who donate currency.

A young woman explains why, in her opinion, there is no currency in exchange.

Mrs."People are buying because they fear that the rumors had already gone, that the dollar will rise to the level of the euro. I heard it. "

Slonim businesswoman Valentina says that this is all temporary, the National Bank allegedly making moves in this direction, and many who hope that soon the situation with the currency is normalized.

Everyone rushed for cars and bought currencies.

Mrs."In general, there is nothing, they all go looking for — to no avail. Well, now made it possible for banks to sell 10% more expensive, it can, and will. And the president said that the need to make a" safety cushion ", since all of them asked for machines and bought currencies. So now there is none. "

Entrepreneur of Svislochi Mr Alexander also said that in his small town people stand near exchangers in queues and waiting for someone to pass the currency. He thinks that the government will not agree to sell currency at market prices and that the holding of unpopular reforms to the country's leadership is not ready.

Mr."Most likely, no real change will not go, because our government is more concerned with populism, and to devalue the ruble — an unpopular measure. Salary will drop in dollar terms from 500 to 300. This can cause a social explosion. "

Another entrepreneur, Mr. Vitaly of Bridges says that the government is not capable of reform, but well learned to beg for loans.

Mr."They have no way out, but they also agree with the Russians for a loan of three billion, and then start selling them to our company. It would seem, have approved the privatization program for the coming years. "


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