In the Czech Republic surveillance of people through mobile phones has become illegal

The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic declared illegal retention by telephone companies and Internet service providers of data about their users. Earlier, Internet service providers were required to keep the data on the services applied by the user and its location, and transmit the information to the police or official request special services.

The complaint to the controversial law was filed 51st parliament. According to this law, the operators of telephone companies had for 6 months to store data on phone calls, SMS-messages, faxes, e-mails, website visits and the use of certain Internet services. The content of messages are not saved, but the data are stored, allowed to determine who, when and with whom to have contact.

Eliska Vagnerava

That's what clarifies Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic Eliska Vagnerava:

"With the appropriate data can be up 90 percent, for example, to know with whom, how often, at what time a particular person is found who is her closest acquaintances, friends, colleagues from work, or what and at what time does."

The Court agreed with the view that such a rule is a disproportionate interference with the privacy of individuals, though this practice is not particularly limited and is not protected from the possibility of abuse. Storing data according to the Czech Constitutional Court, for "large and unpredictable number of people. Therefore, the application of rules of law are necessary possible more stringent criteria. The previous version of the law, according to the court, made possible a massive intervention in the basic law, which does not conform to the rule of law.

Says one of the initiators of the request to the Constitutional Court deputy Marek Benda:

"The main problem is that a lot of data stored scary for some unknown reason, and these data can climb just about everyone."

Originally position adopted in order to combat terrorism. However, in the Czech Republic, the police began to use a database of mobile phone subscribers in the investigation of even ordinary things and send requests to the operator almost automatically. According to the Czech News Agency (CHTK) only last year, mobile operators had give police information regarding 87,000 cases and the number of such cases increased. Earlier this practice illegal acknowledged the Constitutional Court of Germany.

The representative of one of the largest telecommunications companies Czech O2 said that the firm will respect the law in the new edition, and thereby save money, time and space in the database.

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