In the fields of the Ufa area — the invasion of potato tuber moth

In Ufa district was threatened potato crop, reports News. Ru. For the first time in the country was detected dangerous pest — potato moth. Caterpillars of this insect has damaged 11 acres of potatoes at the farm "Alexis" and completely destroyed the tomato plantings in the gardens of local residents.

Instead of the anticipated tomatoes — a bunch of dry leaves. Resident of the village Alekseevka Svetlana Iskhakov bitterly, pointing to an empty bed. He says that this year could not grow any, even the green tomato.

Tomatoes destroyed completely new republic pest — potato moth. This insect butterflies lay their larvae on plants of Solanaceae crops — potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants. The pest destroys everything and shoots, and fruits, and tubers.

Tomato harvest this year has lost half the residents of the village Alekseevka. People suspected that the insects have moved their gardens from the fields of the farm "Alexis." Rosselkhoznadzor experts have inspected the company and found a dangerous pest in a potato field.
Potato moth is not dangerous to humans, but to eat her vegetables damaged is impossible — they just rot away. If time does not take measures to destroy the pest, this insect is capable of completely destroying the harvest even in vegetable stores.

From the comments at the farm "Alekssevsky" refused. So the magnitude of the problem remains to be seen. Rostechregulirovanie experts in the plant until only tested planting potatoes in line — tomatoes and other nightshade. Meanwhile, residents Alexeevka told us that they intend to collectively sue the farm of a claim for damages.

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