In the history of life on Earth found a magic number




Over the past 542 million years the species diversity of marine animals on Earth changed cyclic law, alternately reaching the highs and lows of about every 62 million years. This pattern revealed physics at University of California at Berkeley and the Lawrence National Laboratory, says the magazine Nature.

The authors suggest that this trend is likely due to the influence of some kind of cosmic forces on the Earth's biosphere, for example, the periodic passage of the solar system through interstellar clouds of molecular gas.

The second version is that every 62 million years of the gigantic mass of molten material rising from the depths of the earth's mantle, reach the earth's crust and cause numerous volcanic eruptions. As a result of these eruptions into air ejected large amount of dust and ash, which reduce transparency of the atmosphere, thereby causing sudden changes in climate.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research USA, in turn published in the journal Science Research results show that mankind has "point of no return" and in the next 100 years, the world will inevitably face the rising global temperatures and increased levels of the world's oceans. It is reported by Washington ProFile.


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