In the Kuzbass taiga traces UFO

By studying satellite images Google Earth, an employee of Kuzbass Power Company Volodin Paul came across unusual circles in the forest, located near the village of Konovalov Belovo district.

According Sibdepo, photo furor by "Kuzbassenergosvyaz." After studying the images, in which the circles depicted in the winter time, employees have learned the same region in the application of Yandex, and saw the same circles in the summer. True, in the summer under the canopy of trees they are almost invisible.

"The diameter of the great circle of about 300 meters, — says one of the employees," Kuzbassenergosvyazi "Alex Dvoychenkov — the diameter of the inner circle of six meters around 30. Course, we do not know exactly what it is, but it's more like some traces alien ship, or perhaps, in this place used to be some kind of underground missile silos or traces of ancient settlements. Another observation: the circles on top of already overgrown with trees, high enough, so the track was left dozens, if not hundreds of years ago. But this is just speculation ".

Men gather some time off on an expedition to explore the extraordinary circle in place and hope that interested in finding professional ufologists or other scientists to help solve the mystery belov circles.

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