In the skies over Mexico saw just eight UFOs (video)

Thoughts ufologists and Internet users were divided as to what exactly was flying in the sky.

Just eight unidentified flying objects were reported in the skies over Mexico. According to the three-minute video, which the witness put on YouTube, the recording was made January 26, 2013, and he has appeared on the network on January 31.

Video by Miguel Aguila first thought that soars in the sky a flock of seagulls — the captured objects in shape much like birds. Then he questioned the natural origin of what he saw, because the "bird" was never whisked wings and extremely moving synchronously at high altitude.

On closer examination, Miguel even saw some luminescence, which departs from each object. When the number of video views has exceeded 50,000, the media paid attention to him and began to speculate what it could be, supporting their suspicions to experts.

According to the expert edition of UFO Sightings Daily Scott Waring, who also took the first objects of a flock of seagulls, admitted his mistake and concluded that the video really hit the unidentified flying objects. According to him, they may have an extraterrestrial origin, and possibly the world's — for example, some UAVs one of the government agencies in Mexico.

According to Waring, the objects on the form are also like the secret American aircraft TR-3B, which has incredible speed and huge size. The details of this top-secret project for a long time interest ufologists, who believe that his technology was borrowed from aliens, and allows you to "cut" the influence of the gravitational field of the Earth.

However, netizens have found a simple explanation of what the video was filmed in the skies over Mexico. UFO was wild white geese that hovered in the sky.

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