In the sun today there were powerful X-class flare

Today from 02:12 UTC to 02:24 UTC (maximum 02:20 UTC) on the Sun there was one class X2.1 flare

Lately, solar activity steadily increases, which causes regular outbreaks of medium and high level.

Intense solar flares can harm the orbiter and endanger astronauts. In addition, there is always a risk of damage to power grids on the ground. For protection from the sun's surprises even NASA launched the program "Solar Shield" — assembled satellite information about the activity of the star will be promptly processed in the data center. After receiving information about the time of the magnetic storm, computers must promptly disable the transformer stations, except for their withdrawal from service due to a geomagnetic disturbance.

On the Sun last week significantly increased the number of spots. Just a week ago on our luminary, there were 16, but now their number has increased to 42.
Astronomers studying the activity of the sun, are five categories of flares (from weak to strong) — A, B, C, M, X
Number defines the gradation within the class. Thus, the outbreak occurred today is a powerful (for example, in March 2011 there was an outbreak capacity X1.5)

In the NASA space observatory warned — increased solar activity, there have been several strong flares on this star and they will continue. On the surface of the Earth magnetic storms expected high class.


Strong magnetic storm will fall to Earth this weekend because of the powerful flares that occurred on the eve of the Sun. With such a warning made by scientists.

"In recent days, there was a surge in solar activity. Yesterday was a flash of class M5.5, then, on Wednesday night — X2.2. Both of these events occurred in the active region 1283, which is now almost in the center of the solar disk, which means that they will affect the Earth "- said the head of the center space weather forecasts of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (IZMIRAN) Sergei Gaidash.

On the eve of the proton flux from the sun intensified. And although it is not dangerous for satellites, its capacity, according to Gaidash, will only increase. After a few days to reach the Earth's plasma, so 9 — September 11, will be characterized by anomalous magnetic activity, said Officer IZMIRAN.

Note that scientists are divided manifestations of solar activity into five classes: A, B, C, M and X. The minimum class — A0.0 — corresponds to the strength of the radiation on the Earth orbit in 10 nanowatts per square meter. In the transition to the next letter power increases tenfold. The strongest and most dangerous for the Earth Flash — class X when the crown of lights emit hot plasma, the velocity of which more than 1.6 million km / h, and the weight of up to 10 billion tons.

Not long ago, the sun came out of the passive phase of their 11-year cycle. Magnetic storms that occurred in February, March and June, were the strongest in recent years.

Solar storms are characterized by flares, which are accompanied by a sharp burst of electromagnetic radiation. When he reached the ground, it ionizes the outer layers of the atmosphere. After reaching orbit, these particles bombard the sensitive electronics and communications satellites and often eliminate them from the system. In addition, the magnetic perturbations affect the health of weather-sensitive people. Therefore, doctors recommend them in these days to avoid high stress.

The last time a powerful flare was recorded in the Sun last month. However, at that time the world avoided a magnetic storm, as the release of the plasma occurred in the opposite direction from the planet.

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