In the U.S., have developed a new version of «superman costume»

In the U.S., have developed a new version of
If earlier suit Superman could see the South American action movie, but now scientists presented their real development, whole different set of unique parameters. This so-called exoskeleton that allows a person to increase their strength and endurance. Exoskeleton made spetsy 2-American institutions: Boston and Harvard. The customer is a South American defense establishment.
The mechanism of the machine is that extra «muscle» set is powered by a special compressor.

Such exoskeleton noticably different from that previously created. For example, the model is equipped with metal HULC «bones» that were set in motion by means of special electronic devices. HULC weight was significantly higher new product, which decided to call themselves engineers ekzokostyumom. Why the suit, and not a skeleton? Specifically, since it has no bone simulation. All that is — is a strong narrow grid, which is adjacent to the tightly in a human muscles and allows you to create certain acts. Namely, the suit allows flexion and extension arms and legs of a man with small efforts made by the man himself.

Ekzokostyuma purpose is to give a person more strength and endurance. If a person puts on such machine itself, it is converted to a real superman. According to estimates of the testers who have tried to discover the ability ekzokostyuma, suit allows you to experience yourself as if you worked for years in the gym on the weights.

If ekzokostyum will be integrated with the exoskeleton, it will turn into a real development of an advanced system that can give a person the ability to carry significant loads. Such a suit can be applied in various fields, one of which is astronautics. Load on the human rocket lifts off will occur specifically ekzosistemu protecting him from the sharp increase weight component. Ekzokostyum raise will allow gravity to raise in real life without the use of special equipment is simply unrealistic.

Narrating about the feelings experienced by people with expertise in development programmke ekzostistemy functions, must submit their opinion about the system. Testers say that they wore a suit, so some unknown force pushed almost to certain actions. If it’s walking, her incarnation spent considerably less effort than with normal conditions.

Mass ekzokostyuma itself is about 7500 m. That substantially prevents its body feel after a certain time passage. Man almost merges with the suit and after its removal even feels a certain heaviness and discomfort.

Plan to use such a suit not only in astronautics, and in aviation, medicine, and performance criteria military ground operations. Suit will stand on its feet faster those fighters who have been seriously injured and put in honey institution.

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