In the U.S., work began on a new konvertoplanov

In the U.S., work began on a new konvertoplanov
Command of the U.S. Army signed an agreement to develop a new tiltrotor — technology demonstrator that will be created by the project JMR-TD, with 4 South American companies.
As reported by Jane’s, contracts for the first step of development got AVX Aircraft, Bell Helicopter, Karem Aircraft and Sikorsky.

Price signed agreements not specified. According to these agreements, the companies involved in the project JMR-TD, will have to find and work technologies that can be applied in the development of promising multipurpose rotorcraft FVL (Future Vertical Lift). Upon completion of this step, the U.S. Army will elect one or several companies that will have to build and test the newest car.

The main purpose applets JMR-TD is the creation and testing of technology demonstrators. Then on the basis of the acquired South American military developments will determine the requirements for a promising helicopters that will be used instead of today’s helicopters UH-60 Black Hawk. Then the command of the U.S. Army announce a tender for the design, creation and delivery of new cars to the troops.

As expected, the first flight tests and demonstrators konvertoplanov speed helicopters will take place in 2017.

Currently, it is clear that Sikorsky, involved in the project in a consortium with aircraft manufacturing concern, Boeing, the U.S. Army wants to offer high-speed helicopter JMR-TD on the basis of the most experienced X2. The car will be built under the coaxial and get a pusher propeller in the rear. Presumably, the helicopter will be able to fly at a cruising speed of 425 km per hour. Other details of the project are still unidentified.

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