In the wilds of Africa, watch online

In the wilds of Africa, watch online
If you think you have Africa is a hot, barren desert, in which animals are languishing in the heat, you're sadly mistaken. On the African continent there are a huge number of the most beautiful places with dense jungle, spectacular view of the mountains, fiery lakes.

Africa, Indeed, one of the most feral of the continents on our planet and is home to thousands of different species of animals and 10's feral tribes. This documentary series will introduce you to the wonders of this unique continent and its people, then you will realize that not adore Africa is simply unrealistic.

You will find yourself in a cool tropical oasis, lost somewhere in the vast Kalahari Desert. It is a question of the Okavango Delta, which attracts a lot of the animals own moisture. Visit the banks of the Zambezi River, whose waters break in a picturesque deepest canyons, forming the Victoria Falls and see the vast expanses of sun-scorched Sahara desert.


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