In the Yaroslavl region are operating rabid fox

Fox itself often does not die from rabies, but from exhaustion, while managing a dangerous virus to infect other animals.Today in the Yaroslavl region recorded twenty-two localities were found in foxes, sick with rabies. Have even been attempts to attack them on the people! The situation is very tense, given that last year at this time there are no known single infected animal. The main carrier of rabies virus — red fox.

— It is a night can go from Rostov to Gavrilov-Yam, especially patients — told City TV Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor gosvetnadzora Yaroslavl region Inna Chikurova. — It does not feel tired, her wild desire of all bite.

Interestingly, the fox itself most often die not from disease, but from exhaustion, while managing to infect the deadly virus to other animals and humans.

Perhaps foxes are closer to people in search of food, because this winter was a special snow and animals difficult to find food in the forest. A healthy fox will never seek a meeting with the man. But the rabies virus attacks the central nervous system and the brain, depriving the animal care. Fox throws indiscriminately at anything that moves. If you just do not get vaccinated after 30 — 50 days, people may die.

— We knew that there would be disadvantaged areas but not in such numbers — says Inna Chikurova. — This year, every day or every three days on a new case of rabies detected.


If you are bitten by a rabid fox. Symptoms

At the site of the bite feels itchy, pulling and aching. Sometimes inflamed scar. The temperature rises. Disturbed sleep. Under the influence of a stimulus suddenly develops an attack of illness. Stimuli may be a creaking door, the splash of water and so on. Seizures are accompanied by seizures that occur in the form of water or even a mention of it, combined with painful muscle spasms of the pharynx, respiratory failure. A method of treating one — run to the doctor.

Tatiana Mikhnevich

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