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Canadian scientist and historian says: coming out of the house for a cigarette, you can fall into the reign of Ivan the Terrible

In 1987, the Hong Kong newspaper «Evening News» on the basis of official documents at the hands of its reporters, said the unique event. Throughout the year the best scientists, historians and psychologists in Hong Kong closely studied the 10-year-old boy, contained in a shelter CHANGE Bay. The child was found by police on the street, where he was almost hit by a car — has attracted the attention of the guards of the order that "the guy was dressed strangely." The shelter of him for a long time could not achieve without understanding its language — as it turned out, the boy talked … on the ancient Chinese.

The handset at Musketeers

After the arrival of the professor, who owned this dialect, the child could talk — Lee Jung called himself the son of a dignitary of the IX century Chinese emperor. Explain the occurrence in today's Hong Kong Jung could not at the same time it is easy to read the ancient temple of the book, telling about the morals of the Tang Dynasty and the details of the life of the imperial court. Lee gave the clothes on the analysis, however, to determine the exact age of the cloth does not work, as stated in the conclusion: "Cloth refers to a period later than the XIX century." And soon the child had disappeared. The following year, in the library of the monastery En Wan (near Macau) in the ancient chronicles find the description of a "strange events": "After leaving the cave in the mountains, lost son of an official. He returned a year later, entering all horrified. He said he saw a huge bird house to the cloud, magical lights and drove in a long snake. My father told strangle him with silk thread, saying that her son was possessed an evil spirit. "

In all such cases, only in the XX century, there are about twenty,— Said in an interview with "AIF" Professor Victor Limmerst, who has studied the issue of "time loop" at the University of Wellington (New Zealand). — It is very difficult to find out: if these people were really in a different time, or simply the fruit of their imagination. I can only say that the mountain cave is not the first time appear in the testimonies about time travel. German and Aztec medieval chronicles describe occasions when, having come to the stalactite cave in the mountains, people (at one point it was even a group of people) disappeared without a trace. And after three years — the new data in the archives: the people in ancient clothes, came down from the mountain to the village, to ask what year it is — as a rule, their acknowledged Haywire. It is possible that in some specific points under the ground (after the age of stalactite caves — millions of years) is refracted time, forming a so-called "time loop".

One of the mysterious incidents of this kind investigated by the newspaper "Boston Globe" — in 2000 during excavations of the fortress wall in Montreal (Canada) were found skeletons of the Musketeers, who at the time of the Seven Years' War (1756-1763). Filled up with cannon fire. Imagine the surprise of those present, as among the remains found the … of the mobile phone! The analysis showed that the phone is made in 1998, but how he was at a depth of several meters below the ground and had a look, as if spent 250 years (plastic disintegrated almost) nobody could explain.

Visiting Caligula

— Back in 1960 at the historic Congress in London was theorized "black holes" — explains the Canadian historian Jean Corso. — The fact that a person can walk down the street, step on the rung of the ladder, going down to the subway, and … to be among the dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period. At one time in his book "The Philosophy of Space and Time" for those moments described by Hans Reichenbach, citing instances when people unexpectedly (for a couple of seconds) met myself the same, but for thirty years older. But apart from that, people can get during Ivan the Terrible or the Emperor Nero, just coming to the store for cigarettes. If we take the history, almost every century in the annals easily find stories of "crazy", saying that they came to us from the past or from the future.

In 1947, in the Spanish city of Seville for the fifth time was placed in a psychiatric hospital Enrico Borhias-Mendeles, who claimed that he travels back in time in a dream. Turning to the newspapers and the police, the man said that of his bed tolerated in the Roman Empire time of Caligula, rode on elephants Carthaginian general Hannibal, talked to cruel inquisitor Torquemada. Every time he woke up again in my room, but in his hands was a thing of the past. Borhias-Mendeles imposes sword Roman legionary, ancient cross, medieval clothes — but each time he was charged that he stole these things. However the police about their missing none of the collectors did not apply, and "traveler" simply subjected to forced psychiatric treatment. In the end, Enrico disappeared from the hospital, and never to be seen again. In 2003, Spanish TV journalists held a professional study of the place where the house Borhiasa-Mendelesa, and found a strong energy and even radiation.

— Supporter of the theory that time travel occur during sleep, was a science fiction HG Wells — said Professor Victor Limmerst. — Then, many researchers believed that man could dream to see events that happened to him in real life, but at the same time to think that he was sleeping. By the way, and the writer Mark Twain admitted that the plot of the book "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", he also had a dream, once in the Old English period in their dreams. Waking up, he saw that his hand — in the blood, as in his dream battle, he grabbed his sword Twain asleep at the dinner table (from fatigue overcame him) and found that accidentally touched the broken glass. By the way, in principle, such a thing when people get some kind of injury in battle or fighting in a dream, is not so rare.

Among the dinosaurs

WHEN the text went to press, the Chinese newspaper "Sintsbao" referring to its sources, reported on a new similar event. In Mongolia, the excavations in the Gobi desert, where the world's largest number of dinosaur skeletons of different time periods, the researchers discovered fossilized parts of a human skeleton, the bones of horses and arrowheads. One of the scientists has suggested it — remains the rider Genghis Khan. How does this man was on the territory of the dead dinosaurs could not figure out yet, and the leaders of the excavation shall refrain from any comments.


FAMOUS science fiction writer and author of "The Time Machine" by HG Wells felt that the time machine will not ever invented. "Otherwise we would have to necessarily last once people have arrived, and still has not arrived either — neither the first since 3000, nor with the 5000 year. So, by the time or progress will stop, or the Earth does not exist. If people fall into the past and the future, by chance, not because of mechanical systems. " Another point of view is held by the Vice-President of the World Congress of the historical Yang Maar: "It is obvious that the car had already invented in the future, and people go past. But they do it the way we do when we visit the aquarium: they observe the life of different ages because of the glass to random interference does not cause a distortion of history. "

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