INC increased in the I quarter of oil and condensate production by 1.2 times

Irkutsk Oil Company increased in the first quarter of 2013, production of crude oil and condensate compared to the same period last year by 1.2 times — up to 669,300 tons.

The greatest amount of liquid hydrocarbons (DPS) in January-March, extracted from the bowels of Yarakta oil and gas field (NGKM) — 600,000 tonnes (up 27%).

Production growth is due to build-up of wells, the introduction of advanced international technologies for enhanced oil recovery and the gradual involvement in the production process of other fields.

After processing the oil treatment plants (OTP) with adjustment to GOST raw performance from the field Group Inc, is available in the main oil pipeline "Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean". In late March, Congress put in VSTO 4 million since the beginning of pumping a ton of oil.

In 2013, in the fields of Congress is expected to produce about 3 million tons of hydrocarbons.

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