Incubators UOMZ saving the lives of Lebanese children

With the help of medical technology Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant (part of the holding "Schwab") in Beirut, Lebanon Hospital doctors nursed infants.

Incubators IDN-02 and IDN-03 produced UOMZ were delivered to Lebanon in January 2013. According to the press service of the company, the amount of the contract exceeded 500 thousand rubles. Once the equipment and receive instruction from the medical staff actively started to work.

Today in the neonatal unit of Beirut Hospital is five incubators UOMZ by which doctors are saving the lives of children born prematurely. Russian medical equipment is in high demand in the countries of the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Among the list of buyers of products of the Ural plant Lebanon has become the 78th country. The specialists of the Export Department UOMZ believe that this trend will further expand the geography of exports and strengthen the position of enterprises in foreign markets.

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