India has given verbal consent for the construction of three more Talwar-class frigates

According to the publicationRussia &India Report, Indian side gave Russia its oral agreement to order a new batch of ships. A formal contract will be signed after the transfer of the third frigate of the Indian Navy has already ordered a second of the "troika» — Trikand, delivery to the customer which is scheduled for June.

  • India to spend $ 3 billion for 3 more Talwar-class frigates
  • India to spend $ 3 billion for 3 more Talwar-class frigates

On the new ships will be installed anti-ship missile Brahmos joint Russian-Indian development, in contrast to the previously sent and built ships. The Indian Navy is very satisfied with the experience of operating the ships of this class. 

Apparently the problem with the artillery unit were successfully resolved, as it became clear why have not tried to "Admiral Butakova" and why "Courageous" and "Makhachkala" there were no guns.

The contract amount — $ 3 billion, much more than previous one in one billion 600 million dollars.

Consent was given on the background of the festering scandal with helicopters Agusta Westland VVIP, if Russian producers time thwarted by technical problems and problems in production, in the case of Agusta Westland, the manufacturer knew beforehand that he could not meet the obligations in time. Now that the 50% paid for by the tender, and the words intalyantsev 30% of the work performed, the system of tenders for the Indiandemonstrated its complete lack of viability. Western partners do not take India seriously as a customer.

In the contract with the "Amber" will be established to implement strict conditions, including fines, but the amount of the contract all this is more than covered. The contract can be especially lucrative for the "Amber", amid a record pace of construction of frigates for the Russian Navy, further laying the plant is not made secure, "Admiral Butakova." In the end, the fleet and so should the plant for the unfinished "Mist" and "Borodino" useless ballast is brushed under the second-class amphibious assault ship "Ivan Gren."

"Amber" is not only learned how to quickly cook the body, but also to integrate the filling mechanizmami and equipment, which greatly reduces the time of launch and release of stocks.

Project 1136.5 frigates are designed for combat operations in the ocean and sea areas on their own and as part of the connection of ships as escorts. Their combat capabilities allow you to search and destroy enemy submarines carry antiship, antiaircraft and antisubmarine defense warships and ships at sea to strike ships and vessels, to support ground combat and to provide amphibious landings.

FrigateClassTalwararmed with the new 3M-54 Klub anti-ship system, although the rise in the main due to the transition to the new Russian-Indian missile.

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