Indian frigate started mooring trials

Frigate (RF) "Tag", the first of a series of three warships being built for the Indian Navy at the Baltic Shipyard (CCL) "Yantar" in Kaliningrad, started mooring trials. This, according to ITAR-TASS, spokesman Sergei Mikhailov enterprise. "Mooring tests — a serious, complex and important stage in the construction of the ship, situated at the pier. Upon completion it will be possible to withdraw the frigate to the factory sea trials in the Sea "- said Mikhailov.

Factory workers and engineers, representatives of firms counterparty order, as well as Indian experts perform commissioning systems and ship, inspect the weapons system on the ship. Among them is the complex "BrahMos" supersonic cruise missiles, sea-based range of up to 300 km. In April, will start the main engine ship, and in late May — early June — to bring "Tag" on the sea trials.

"We hope that in the middle of this summer, the first of three frigates will be transferred to the Indian side," — said the spokesman. On the second frigate — "Tarkash" are active outfitting work, and the third "Trikand" — is preparing for launch in the second half of March. A series of three risk factors pr.11356 for the Indian Navy has been laid on the Shipyard "Yantar" in 2007-2008. The contract is worth 1.6 billion dollars. The ships should be delivered to the customer in 2011-2012.

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