Indigenous traditional knowledge and science will save the Arctic — scientist

Traditional knowledge of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic, in conjunction with knowledge of scientists to help save nature of these areas, said at a meeting of the working group meeting of the Arctic Council to preserve Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Swedish scientist Mark Marissink.

In Yakutsk these days is meeting of the working group of the Arctic Council to preserve the flora and fauna of the Arctic (CAFF). His work is attended by about 150 representatives of various regions of Russia, as well as the U.S., Norway, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Iceland.

According to the scientist, now the Arctic is at risk of climate change caused by global warming and human activities.

"Right now there is migration of the individual species of flora and fauna, removing some and new species of plants and animals, as well as changing traditional crafts. Combination of these factors leads to the disruption of the ecological balance. While this threat is not so obvious, but in the near time, it can become the main "- said Marissink.

CAFF leader Eugene Syroechkovsky added that in recent decades the number of arctic birds has declined. Basically, it refers to shorebirds and game birds. The reason lies in the reduction in the number of overfishing and technological changes occurring in the Arctic birds wintering grounds.

"It is necessary to take into account indigenous knowledge in research. In turn indigenous peoples may also use modern science to enrich their traditional knowledge and forms of life," — said Marissink.

In order to promote research results of the working group members were suggestions of the working group to translate the materials into the languages of the indigenous peoples and the countries that are located in the Arctic. It was also proposed to adapt the results of the work of CAFF for schools to use when teaching children how to do this, for example, in Denmark.

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