Induction lamps for plants WTTC — production in Ukraine

  • Induction lamp for plants WTTC
  • Induction lamp for plants WTTC

Not so long ago, our company began producing new types of induction lamps — lamps for plants WTTC.

WTTC lamps with induction lamps phyto proven to be extremely cost effective for supplementary lighting plants grown Ng conservatories, greenhouses, both in the home and in commercial scale.

Good feedback we get from the Ukrainian plant breeders and farmers who receive excellent results from the use of induction lighting fixtures with fitolampy WTTC brand SVETlichny ™.


Overseas plants growing under artificial supplementary lighting induction fitolampy started relatively recently, but there has accumulated sufficient experience Frequency Induction of light for the plants.

Sample tests of growing plants under induction lamps (USA, Canada)

As part of an extensive research program of R &D in 2011, were established patterns of induction of greenhouse lamps IP65 (see photo left) for fitolampyartificial lighting plants, 250 W (TILgp) For testing in greenhouses United States and Canada. These samples TILgp induction lamps have been tested in two places:

Installing A— Is a greenhouse in the United States, where the experiment was usedInduction lamps TILgp. They were compared with 650W LED Greenhouse lighting and sodium lamps 1000 W high pressure (HPS) for plants.

Installation B— Greenhouses in Canada, the samplesInduction Lampswere used in the seedling department where they sravnenivalis with "cool" 600W metal halide lamps for plants.

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  • Photography plant experiment
  • Photography plant experiment

Green frame isolated plants dosvechivavshiesya induction lamps TILgp.

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