• Induction lampv
  • Induction lampv


One-fifth of the electricity produced is used for lighting, and the most significant share in the street, industrial, commercial and light industrial areas. How to reduce paper costs in this area in 2-3 or even 10 times? The problem can be solved by using a light source of high energy efficiency —Induction Lamp


Currently, induction lamps as a source of general lighting have better performance than traditional light sources such as mercury, sodium, metal halide lamps and even LED bulbs (LED sets with low quality of light, a radiance of light, a large dependence on the heating temperature of the crystal, the quality of the diverging lens and used mainly for decorative accenting illumination, LED lamps do not currently allow you to create a comfortable general lighting).


 The principle of induction lighting

Induction lamp — Fluorescent light source, the principle of induction lamp is based on electromagnetic induction and gas discharge to generate visible light output. Exclusivity of this technology is that the lamps do not have electrodes, hot cathode filament and that is what increases the service life of induction lamps. Minimum service life of 60,000 hours.


The main difference from the existing discharge lamp is electrodeless design — lack of hot cathode and filament, which greatly increases the service life.


Induction lamp consists of three main parts: the discharge tube, whose inner surface is coated with a phosphor (phosphor Rp — a substance capable of converting the absorbed energy to them in the light emission (luminescence) of the magnetic ring or core (ferrite) with an induction coil, an electronic ballast (generator high power).

  • the principle of induction lamp
  • the principle of induction lamp

The electronic ballast generates a high frequency current flowing through the induction coil a magnetic ring or rod. Iinduktsionnaya electromagnet coil creates a gas discharge in the high-frequency electromagnetic field, and by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the discharge occurs svechenielyuminofora.


Due electrodeless execution lifetime is much higher than that of traditional light sources 60, 000 hours for lamps with integrated ballast 100 for 000 hours with external ballast lamps.


  • Induction Lamp
  • Induction Lamp
  • induction lamp SVETlichny
  • induction lamp SVETlichny

        Lamp for Industrial Light
       direct replacement


Technical characteristics

— Power supply — 220V/50Hz.

— Operating frequency — 225kHz.

— Humidity: 90%.

— Ambient temperature: -40 ° C + 50 ° C.

— Built-in protection against short circuits.

— Built-in surge protection.

— Color Temperature — 2700 3500 4000 5000 6500K.

— Color Rendering Index — 75 ~ 85 (Ra)



— industrial facilities (industrial premises, shops, workshops, terminals, warehouses);

— public and commercial premises (offices, shopping malls, movie theaters, museums, etc.);

— Street lighting (pedestrian zones, public squares, parks, local area);

— infrastructure (stopping complexes gas stations, parking lots, parking access roads, subways);

— agricultural enterprises (AgroFarm, livestock farms, poultry farms);

— architectural and artistic lighting, decorative lighting of interiors;

— sports facilities (halls, playgrounds, skating rinks, stadiums, sports palaces, fitness centers). undefined

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