Industrial Park Vorsino


Formed for industrial enterprises various industries

Characteristics of the land

The land is located in the northeast of the Kaluga region in the Borovsky district, on the border of Kaluga and Moscow regions.

The total area of the industrial park — 971 hectares, including:

North area — 127 hectares East area — 467 hectares Central area — 338 hectares Western area — 39 ha Assigned — 523 hectares available for distribution of production — 448 m *


Already introduced into operation production capacity of enterprises, LLC "Nestle Purina PetCare" (production of pet food) and "Samsung Electronics Rus Kaluga" (assembly panel television) In the park launched investment projects of the following companies:

Lotte (confectionery) KT &G (tobacco production) of "KNPEMZ" (Steel Mill), Ltd. "Odisseyprom" (manufacture of furniture), OOO "Nestle Purina PetCare" (production of pet food), JSC "Evrofloat Kaluga" (production Flat Glass) Ltd. "Omega Liz Kaluga" (logistics center), Ltd. "Vintrastkom" (production of plastic tableware for airlines), Ltd. "Samsung Electronics Rus Kaluga" (assembly of TV panels), Onvest Oy (logistics center), Ltd. "Sormat Rus "(production of metal products), SNT-GROUP Oy (production of parquet substrate), Ltd." Yukon "(production of polyester staple fibers). Entered into an investment agreement with global brands such as L'Oreal, John Deere.


The total volume of investments — more than 2.25 billion euros total number of jobs created — more than 10,000

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