Information network Samotlor

The company "Mobile TeleSystems" (MTS) has announced the provision of Samotlor oil field in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District communications services technology Radio Ethernet, which will provide fixed-line telephony and internet without the construction of the cable network. The solution also supports the work of telematic services for the remote control key process "Samotlorneftegaz", the largest mining company TNK BP in Russia.

  • Lake Samotlor
  • Lake Samotlor

On the territory of oilfield MTS has established 13 transmitting base stations and about 2,500 subscriber terminals transmitting data and ensure reliable communication within a radius of 20 km. Applicable equipment uses multiple data channels that can guarantee stability and high resistance to signal interference. This transmission rate information for subscriber units is 60 Mbit / s. All receivers and transmitters can withstand temperature fluctuations from -50 to +60 degrees Celsius without the use of additional thermal stabilization systems.

The project is based on the technology Radio Ethernet, which enables communication between users located at a considerable distance from each other, by combining them into a single network. The technology provides the ability to provide fixed telephony services without the construction of a cable network to each client object: remote computers, and other devices are networked via radio.

Deployment of wireless broadband access allowed for "SNG", telephony and data transmission, as well as to organize corporate information network and video surveillance system for the industrial facilities in the field. Also on the basis of MTS Wireless M2M project is implemented for remote process control: remote control room operators receive information about the temperature and composition of the oil pressure level in wells and other process variables is mined. If necessary, operators can remotely stop or resume work on the well pump, switch the direction of the oil flow through the pipeline.


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