Information Technology in Russia

 Igor Kirichenko, commercial director of Naumen


The stereotype of public opinion: in Russia almost no domestic production, have forgotten how to do everything, and the solid screwdriver assembly, the export of energy resources, science is in decline. So, the domestic IT industry — is one of the few highly respected area that has already become evident in the structure of GDP. In 2011, the Russian IT market volume was only half the total automobile market (30 billion dollars to 65 billion dollars).


The importance of IT for the development of many industries can not be overstated. Telecommunications industry in general does not exist. Banks and retailers are not able to comfortably serve customers. Power generation, industry, machine would experience serious discomfort and lack of transparency in the control of their processes. All sectors are now showing interest in IT solutions that can increase productivity, improve customer service and reduce costs. CIOs are members of the board of many companies on an equal footing with commercial directors. IT is respected, and often it turns out that only the application of IT solutions company could win the competition.

It is clear that not all of the market share in Russia gets to domestic suppliers, the presence of Western players and technologies noticeable. However, Russian companies confidently hold 50% or more in a good number of niches. Search on the internet? "Yandex" and not Google. Social Network? "VKontakte" and not Facebook. Antivirus? "Kaspersky Lab" and not Symantec. Accounting? 1C and not Axapta. You can continue to employed 'us' markets are still many: electronic document management, contact centers, management of IT departments … This is not unfounded, this is confirmed by respected analysts from IDC, DSS, Gallup, etc.

Detractors can parry, they say, the Russian software — it's like a "Gazelle" in the passenger transportation. Yes, the "Gazelle" market share in Moscow in 2011 was 90%, but not from a better life, and, they say, with time foreigners will take its toll. But, unlike the stories from the "Gazelle", the consumers, both private and corporate, no one bothers to make a free choice.

America is still out of reach, but in Europe, perhaps, only Germany has imposing its own "world" the IT industry, local suppliers keep a good market share in the country and abroad, and makes a significant contribution notorious SAP AG. But who of us in our daily work is found, for example, a French software development? A Scandinavian? But the whole world since the early 2000s, the pleasure of enjoying "Kaspersky», ABBYY and a large number of niche enterprise solutions.


In the past, in 2011 the volume of exports of IT (primarily sales of software and custom development) overtook diamond exports (four billion dollars against 3.8 billion dollars). Experts predict the next few years continued steady growth of exports by at least 25% a year. What is not an example of getting rid of resource dependence! This growth will be designed to provide a "second wave" of Russian invaders. Today is half the domestic IT companies with a turnover above $ 5 million seriously looking towards the boundaries of the Russian-speaking markets.

And if the number of local developers in the local market could be accused of using a strategy of import substitution at a low price, the export strategy of almost all the CEOs of our companies in the interview noted progress in the competition not because of cheap solutions, but because of the advanced technologies and the best price / quality ratio.

The expansion is not limited to any one region, on every continent, there are successes. Especially where markets are growing rapidly. CBOSS successfully conquering the mobile operators in Africa. SpeechPRO reports about large-scale projects for voice analysis in Latin America. Noda attacks the contact center outsourcing market in Asia.

Aviation industry, agriculture and many others, unfortunately, are still living at the expense of huge subsidies from the state. IT — the industry is young, not had time to become addicted to this drug. Yes, the IT company noted the high value of tax benefits, but in a large way on their own and careful curator of the ministry did not feel it. Therefore, in all of which the industry has achieved to date and what the prospects aims, IT companies can count only on themselves. This is a very important message and motivation for young professionals who want to associate themselves with IT. The motto of IT: self-reliance, responsibility, result.

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