Injuries at other planets

There is a very popular belief that emotional trauma can be obtained only at a low level of consciousness that injury at a higher level of consciousness than we are now, just do not and can not be! If a higher level of consciousness is not trauma, to live there well and good, but the world is bad, because the endless series of emotional traumas of the past, and gives us only that a break between awareness again to start moving to learn.

But over the years, teaching methodology Akash hundreds of people in workshops and individual sessions, as well as passing their own experience of healing, I can sum up some interesting facts.

Emotional trauma are at any level of consciousness!

For these reasons, life elsewhere in the planet and is no better than the Earth!

Yes, without a doubt, a higher level of consciousness injuries are hundreds of times smaller because the higher level of consciousness!

But the situation, which from the point of view of human language can be called emotional suffering to a higher level of consciousness resides! Without a doubt, this is different! If the emotional trauma is lived on Earth as suffering, at a higher level of consciousness trauma is lived consciously, as pain. It is difficult to describe the experience of earthly words.

You ask, and why I have such information? First, actively develop and use its own channel of communication with the higher self, through which to request and receive telepathy and clairvoyance with information. As well as experience of working with people in the sessions and seminars on diving into the Akashic records for at least a few dozen times seen cases with different people when personal injury to another planet was at a high level of consciousness, when it is not the physical body, and there is light energy body!


Injury 'Unwillingness to live on Earth (On the planet with a low level of consciousness) "

Injuries to the other planets, are usually sufficient for a global human scale, sometimes it happens that these injuries are manifested for us right from birth, such as a trauma, as an unwillingness to live in the world (on a planet with a low level of consciousness).

It happens that this injury is obtained by reducing the vibration of the light body, the physical body. Reduce vibration felt light-Being, as pain. Contact with the lower vibrations are often perceived to be a very painful process! And emotional trauma (I will use this term) is formed almost immediately when you change — reducing vibrations!

You ask: "Why luminous beings, with a high level of consciousness, to lower their vibrations?" The reasons may be many, one of the very common reason — the knowledge of the dark side of God and of ourselves as part of the Creator!

Many of us are luminous beings with very high level of consciousness, but can not fully know the Creator, knowing all its aspects. And for that, the choice was made on the knowledge of others, the "dark" side of the Creator, and this is possible only living experience at a lower level of consciousness and vibration.

And now many are the reverse process, knowing the "dark" side of me — the return to the real itself, is again the process of raising consciousness and vibration!

If you consciously do the cleansing of your energy body, working with limiting beliefs, healing injuries, the aura begins to change with the colorful, depending on the activity of the chakras, first getting completely white, indicating that the growth of spirituality. And then get the golden aura of color that symbolizes activated Light Body in humans.


Trauma "The feeling of unworthiness"

Many people, now embodied on Earth, earthlings are not quite! A huge number of souls "come" from other planets and constellations, often with very different physical bodies.

Amenities are a sufficient number of embodiment, as in the past amphibians — are creatures from another planet, they are very manifest the energy of love, but on their home planet below the level of consciousness, completely absent of technology, life close to nature.

Here on Earth, they often live trauma that they were "worse, poor social adaptation," despite the fact that in them there is a huge source of Love.


Trauma 'inability to fulfill its mission (the desire to save others) "

Those who have a Pleiadian roots, often in the past on other planets such as Mars, performed, and now operates in the world, in raising the level of consciousness of the world population.

Often the inhabitants of different planets because of the limitations of fear and trauma, can not raise their level of consciousness, which can lead to a catastrophe of global proportions. A Pleiadian, mission, which was just to help in the expansion of the level of consciousness, get injured, they were unable to help and save to prevent a catastrophe. As a result, in this embodiment may be present behavior, as the increased level of responsibility for everything that happens, and the desire to "hold on" to their level of consciousness of other people.

Difficulty of working with injuries to other planets in the fact that they are completely different from Earth injuries causes of these injuries, it is difficult to comprehend.


"Living here and now" eliminates the injuries?

Another point that I consider it necessary to voice in this text: in almost every book, the text mentions the phrase "live in the here and now" and you will not have anything to influence, any injury, you will be happy and free! Is this really true?

This board works in a single case! If you totally, every minute, the continued presence in the moment "here and now", that is a Enlightened! And such people one.

For everyone else, it's just a beautiful phrase, do not solve problems! As soon as the concentration at the moment of the "here and now" lost energy injuries in the DNA, in our personal Akashic instantly activated.

But the healing of injuries in our DNA, obtained both on the Planet Earth and the other planets, greatly helps to increase the level of consciousness and the ability to live as long as possible the state of the concentration on the moment of "now."

Elena Davydova

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