Inline Group, RSK and Intel are building an educational cloud for NEFU in Yakutia

In the North-Eastern Federal University. MK Ammosova (Yakutsk, Sakha Republic) created an educational cloud platform, using which every student and teacher NEFU get access to all the educational resources of the university and the new educational services.

The "Single Information service space" (ENPI) is implemented by the federal university together with the large Russian IT integrators: the company "Inline Group" and a group of companies with the active support of DGC corporation of Intel, which jointly developed the overall concept of educational solutions for NEFU based on cloud computing . "Inline Group" acted as the general contractor, responsible for the development of a system project ENPI, which became the basis for all decisions in NEFU, and the implementation of hardware and communication component of the project. RSK Group is involved in the project as a developer and supplier of innovative educational platform "RSK Universe" on the basis of cloud computing to improve the quality and efficiency of the learning process of universities, as Intel has played the role of an ideologue and a consultant because of their varied experience of participation in similar projects around the world. The joint project NEFU was launched in November 2011, and now it is in the stage of completion of the 1st phase of implementation.

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