innovation OmGUPS received awards ARBU

Innovative developments OmGUPS received awards ARBU
The contest of the US-Russia Business Union (ARBU) three scientific developments OmGUPS received gold medals.
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Award-winning «Innovations to the future» marked hardware and software system for determining corrosion state of a contact network of reinforced concrete poles and power lines, stationary complex health check for the current collectors of electric rolling stock and diagnostic system performance evaluation kolektorno-brush assembly of traction electric cars.

The Working Group congratulated ARBU Rector Alexander Panycheva with awards and expressed hope for further strengthening of the position of the university in the Russian and foreign markets.

The main objectives of ARBU — this expansion of international business cooperation, the integration of Russia into the world economy, the stabilization of market relations with leading Western countries, increasing the investment attractiveness of Russian industrial regions.

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