Innovations in Orenburg Medicine — bioplastic

In the scientific and industrial laboratory of cell technologies Orenburg State University biokozhi authors created the first samples of acid bioplastic materials that can stick and long to remain in the area of the ulcer of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum until it is fully healed.

Following the pilot study for the first time in surgery at the clinic NFM them. Pirogov (Orenburg) were treated endoscopically 3 patients with gastric ulcer, who were surgical treatment of ulcers. Currently patients had full recovery of gastric ulcers.

— In fact, the Orenburg scientists proposed an innovative solution to use acid-resistant bioplastic materials for closure of the ulcer of the mucous membrane of the stomach. This method speeds up the healing of ulcers and significantly improves the quality of patient care, as it reduces the number of endoscopic procedures (5 to 2), preventing surgical treatment and thus significantly reduces the time a patient's stay in hospital, — says the head of the laboratory at OSU Ph.D. Ramil Rahmatullin.

Under the guidance of prof. D.B.Demina (Orenburg Medical Academy) under active clinical research on the detailed analysis of the effectiveness of an innovative method of bioplastics endoscopic gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

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