Innovative demonstration dairy farm family type

The Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine opened the first modern innovative demonstration dairy farm family type


07.11.2012 Dairy Farm, the family-style in the village Alexandrovka Pokrovsky district

The Dnipropetrovsk opened the first start-up complex of modern innovation demonstration dairy farm family type with 120 cows in the village Alexandrovka Pokrovsky district. This is the first farm of this type, which opened in Ukraine. Its opening was attended by the chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk regional council Eugene Hoopoe, Director of Integration and Sustainable Development Fund "ecosystem" (France), Jean-Christophe Lodge, CEO of "Danone Ukraine" Dario Marchetti, Director / President of Operations, "Heifer International" (USA) Steve Danny, vice president of programs in Central and Eastern Europe, "Heifer International" (USA) PetroTurilli, director of the CIDA office in Ukraine Réjean lanthanum.

Support for livestock is a priority of the state policy on the development of agriculture, which is determined by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. The Dnipropetrovsk power approaches this issue comprehensively. This applies both to support large scale production in the major agricultural associations (the creation of large livestock farms) as well as support for individual farms.

In particular, within the framework of state support for the development of animal husbandry in 2012 in the region of 7.3 thousand families have received compensation for the content on their farms of young cattle. Livestock, which is issued by the state compensation is 13,885 heads. Total compensation of nearly 6.7 million USD. The amount of compensation is 250 to 1 thousand USD, depending on the age of cattle. As a result, this year the farms of increased cattle population of 4.4 million heads — up to 176.5 thousand heads, and on the number of pigs — more than 568 thousand heads — the region confidently takes the first place.

An important area is to support the development of dairy farming and molocharskih agricultural cooperatives, which are now in the field of 14. To do this, on the initiative of Alexander Vilkul in developed and implemented a strong regional program. Last year, the program of the regional authority for the dairy cooperatives of the budget expense was purchased two modern milk transports, and this year will be purchased modern milk coolers. In addition, the development of the cooperative movement molocharsky regional authorities actively seeking foreign partners — international foundations and charities. In particular, the first start-up complex of modern innovation demonstration dairy farm family type built as a joint project of the regional authorities with the Canadian International Development Agency, the International Charitable Foundation "Heifer" (USA) and by the "ecosystem" (France). Open today for the first start-up complex farm capacity of 60 head of cattle. In the first half of 2013 will open the second start-up complex — another 60 goals.

"From now to study the best global practices Ukrainian dairy farmers will not have to travel to the EU, America or Canada, you can receive the best experience we have in the Dnipropetrovsk region. This project — a global best practices to support individual farmers. And this — the creation of new jobs, the revival of the livestock industry on the basis of modern technology, the production of ecologically pure milk of high quality, and most importantly — it's new and modern standards of agricultural crops, which greatly increase the quality of life in rural areas, "- said Alexander Vilkul.

New Farm — a modern industrial-academic complex, which will train and support the wish to create their own family farm. On the basis of the farm to operate a classroom to teach farmers the efficient production of quality milk and other advanced methods of management. The specialists of the complex provide free peasants education, information and counseling qualifications — from design their own family farm for registration of all documents, its construction and successful operation at the stage of production of milk and dairy establishments of the region through established molocharsky cooperatives.

The farm is owned enterprise silgospodarskomu "molocharsky" created association of agricultural cooperatives in the Dnipropetrovsk region "Master." For newly built farm has been purchased from Austria first batch of cows — 60 head of Holstein breed. Purchase of equipment for forage — silosopakuvalna Machine, 3 processors, 5 tractors, balers 3 and 8 mowers. Equipment purchased for the funds the Canadian International Development Agency.

The production capacity of the first complex farm of 540 tons of milk per year, or 8.9 million kg of milk in terms of one cow. Will be used in the production of integrated automation and mechanization of production processes: the automated milking system, watering and feeding, mechanical harvesting.

"Complex task that puts today the regional governor Alexander Vilkul, is that through the modernization of agricultural sector in the region — from small and medium to large enterprises — to make farming area efficient and competitive, create jobs, to radically improve the social infrastructure in rural areas , paving the way for high-quality agricultural products of regional production to consumers in the region, the Ukraine and the world market ", — said the Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council Eugene Hoopoe.

"Ukraine now goes to the production of milk as a business — small business cooperative. For large farms today are being trained, training, set up the school. For small farms in Ukraine is almost no such bases. This project was created in order to attract people to the farmers, who already has his own small dairy farm and teach them the latest technology — feeding, milk production, maintenance, ventilation, lighting, and others, "- said the expert Dnepropetrovsk Agricultural Extension Service Oleg Emetc.

"I'm just amazed by what I saw here today. I hope that this project will be an example, primarily as a training center. I also hope that this will be a unique facility not only in Ukraine, there will be 10, 15, 20.

In Dnipropetrovsk region, we will work on the creation of family farms, which contain from 5 to 10 cows. Even with so many cows can receive normal income. And we really believe that this organization will be the future of dairy farming industry throughout Ukraine ", — said General Director of" Danone Ukraine "Dario Marchetti.

"I have closely followed the reports that are sent to me during the construction of the farm. But today I am still amazed at the results and what kind of work has been completed. This farm is not only a good example for the whole country, but also a model for distribution on a global scale: in those countries where farms.

We are happy with the project. And to evaluate its performance we can when small producers will gain experience and learn how to conduct such an enterprise as an example of this farm and will transfer this experience to other farms, "- said the president of Operations," Heifer International "(USA), Steve Danny.

"Manufacturers in the region and the whole country will be able to see on this farm as much as possible to improve the quality of milk and incre
ase its milk production. It is symbolic that this facility is opened in the year, is recognized as the year of cooperatives. It is important that this farm will belong to the union of cooperatives, and this will enable them to continue to create and develop.

I thank the regional authorities and the authorities of the country for the fact that they are constantly supported this project. " — Said General Director of Sokode (Canada) Réjean lanthanum.

The Dnipropetrovsk open two more dairy farm family type 30 cows 28/11/2012 21:46

In Apostolovo district of Dnepropetrovsk region opened two farm family type 10 and 20 cows.
Now the region has created four such farms, 6 more family-type farms are under construction and will be opened in the near future.
The Dnipropetrovsk Canadian project is implemented agro-industrial development. It provides support to the initiatives of families to create their own dairy farms. Experts Dnipropetrovsk agricultural advisory services in the Canadian project to help families develop a business plan for a future mini-farm, to design the room and pick up the necessary equipment. Also, farmers can get a soft loan for the construction of a farm at 3% per annum.
Everyone who wants to start a farming business may apply to advisory services and seek advice. Also, service professionals need to practice on the already established family-type farms. Telephone "hot line" Dnipropetrovsk agricultural advisory services


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