Innovative product Neovaskulgen gaining market

Moscow — March 26, 2013. Human Stem Cell Institute— JSC "HSCI" (MICEX: ISKJ) announces the signing of an agreement for the supply of JSC "PharmFirma" Sotex "innovative drug Neovaskulgen ®, developed by HSCI and for the treatment of lower limb ischemia.

"PharmFirma Sotex" which is a group of companies "Protek", is one of the largest players on the pharmaceutical market in Russia and has a unique experience to the market launch of innovative medicines.

Supply agreement has been signed by companies March 25, 2013 for a term of three years with the possibility of commercial extension. The parties agreed on a plan of supply. For the first year cooperation deal size is 211.75 million. 

HSCI has received marketing authorization for Neovaskulgen ® in December 2011 and after the certification of the first series of the drug went on sale in the Russian market (October 2012).

The drug Neovaskulgen ® is the "first in class" and is intended for the treatment of patients with chronic lower limb ischemia (CLLI). The disease is caused by clinical manifestations of atherosclerotic leg vessels (narrowing of the blood vessels and reducing road). In Russia it affects about 1.5 million people. Every year, 144 million people the disease is detected in the severe form, the impending need for amputation — the so-called critical limb ischemia (CLI). Amputation is performed every year thousands of patients 30-40. Neovaskulgen ® opens up a new approach in the treatment of ischemia — the application of evolutionary programmed process of formation and growth of blood vessels. This mechanism of action called therapeutic angiogenesis.

HSCI is estimated, in 2017 the amount of the drug market Neovaskulgen ® in Russia could exceed 1.5 billion.

In addition to the market of the Russian Federation, HSCI plans to make Neovaskulgen ® available in other markets. In February 2013 a registration certificate for Neovaskulgen ® produced in Ukraine, and has already started working on drug registration in other countries of the CIS.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 in the field of High-tech, General Director of JSC "HSCI" Artur Isaev commented contracted: "We believe that cooperation on the promotion of a new drug on the market HSCI will be beneficial to both companies. "Sotex" will provide an important piece of work related to the development of innovative drug market Neovaskulgen ®, to enable HSCI more effort on the implementation of other projects and developments. "

For several years, HSCI has invested its own funds, not only in the development of Neovaskulgena ®, but also in the creation of other products. Currently, HSCI is planning to focus on the launch of a new laboratory and production complex for the production of products and provision of services in the field of regenerative medicine and medical genetics. The company is planning — implementation of socially significant project to create a national network of medical and genetic counseling and practical implementation of the developed HSCI DNA chip, which is designed to diagnose a number of orphan diseases occurring in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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