Install water-jet cutting tests (SMZ NIAT, Bauman STANKIN ENIMS)

On Savelovsky Engineering Plant (Kimry, Tver region.) Passed the first test installation jetting cutting.

The purpose and function

Of catching Russian machine-building complex in one of the most promising dual-use technologies — a three-dimensional water-jet cutting through the development of competitive import technology and equipment, create a machine for cutting composite materials, metals, ceramics, ultra-high pressure water jet.
Due to the high pressure of 600 MPa jet cutting speeds up to 1000 m / s. Regardless of the material and the thickness of such a jet can handle any technological problem achieving a higher cutting speed (50%) than in the traditional technologies.


The developed jetting apparatus for cutting materials are widely used in industries such as:
• Mechanical engineering;
• Aircraft and aerospace industry;
• the defense industry;
• the nuclear industry;
• Automotive;
• Stone industry.


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