Institute of living systems inaugurated in Nizhny Novgorod

 November 9th, the grand opening of the Institute "Institute of living systems" Nizhny Novgorod State University. NI Lobachevsky — National Research University. 

UNN them. NI Lobachevsky — the only university in Russia, which in the framework of the "megagrantov" of the Government of the Russian Federation does not open a separate laboratory, and large multi-disciplinary research institute. 

The purpose of the Research Institute "Institute of living systems" is study some of the most significant scientific and practical problems of biology and medicine with the most modern tools and methods that achieve the natural sciences. Institute of living systems as an interdisciplinary structure within the UNN bring together various specialists — biologists, physicists, chemists and mathematicians.  

Laboratories are equipped with modern institute opened, including the unique equipment. In the structure of the Institute, an appropriate international standards SPF-vivarium designed to contain transgenic animals. 

Interaction with leading Russian and foreign scientists played a major role in the organization of the Institute, which was made possible largely due to the implementation of ERP and eye megagranatov: "The extracellular matrix of the brain as a determinant of cell-cell communication and a therapeutic target" for the guidance of prof. Dityateva AE (Italian Institute of Technology) and "Radiophysical principles of biomedical technology, medical instrumentation and acoustic diagnostics" under the guidance of Academician. Rudenko OV (MSU). 

Close collaboration with the Institute of the leading scientific organizations will continue, and its activities will lead to the expansion and strengthening of international relations of the University as a whole.

An important role in the organization of the Institute has played a close cooperation with leading scientific and educational organizations in Nizhny Novgorod: Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Medicine, the Volga district health center.

 The Institute is integrated into the educational process of UNN, has become a unique base for training highly qualified specialists today — students, post-graduate and doctoral students — at the highest priority and popular destinations.


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