Intellectualization of the transport sector, accelerate the St. Petersburg

One of the key themes of the past in the St. Petersburg International Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems was the strategy of the development of ITS in the northern capital. Participating in the discussion were NGO experts RIC-Systems, a leading systems integrator and consulting partner in the field of information and communication technologies.

Saint Petersburg — one of the leading regions, which already has considerable experience in dealing with problems of transport planning with the use of modern technology, and successfully implemented a number of pilot projects. The introduction of high-tech solutions such as satellite monitoring of transport, an online system for forecasting and monitoring the status of the road, and others, will optimize traffic management, improve road safety, improve the investment climate.

As world practice shows, the intellectualization of the most efficient transport system is implemented on a public-private partnership. The proposed NGO RIC-Systems automated communication systems, control and monitoring, and high-tech hardware and software systems that provide the ability to predict situations that can be used as a basis for the creation and development of intelligent transport systems. A full-featured office RIC-Systems in St. Petersburg with a strong team of managers and specialists allows the company to sell high-tech projects in a professional manner.

IV-th Russian International Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems is a significant event that serves to develop effective solutions and discuss the key issues of modern transport development. A busy agenda of the Congress provides for the exchange of experience in the development of intelligent transportation systems, update experience partnership between state government, business, academia and business.

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