Internet in Russia today (statistics Yandex)

The rate of fixed broadband Internet access in the regions of the Russian Federation in the past year has increased significantly, and its price has decreased by 4 times to 26 rubles per 1 Mbit / s. This is stated in the study, presented today the company "Yandex".

According to a study in the areas of tariff for 500-600 rubles, the speed of access to the network has grown by 4.4 times up to 22 Mbit / s. Thus, in Moscow has doubled the speed, and in St. Petersburg has tripled. The cheapest internet was in St. Petersburg, and the most affordable — in Moscow. The most expensive and least accessible online — in the Far East.

Availability of the Internet, as explained by the experts, depends not only on the value of the Internet, but also on the level of income in the region and the sum of the ratio of the average wage and the cost of access. "Spending on the Internet the same part of his salary as a Muscovite, a resident of the Far East is the speed is 18 times lower," — states in "Yandex".

The specialists of the company believe that the majority of users do not pay for the internet has become smaller. "Just now the same money users have access to a high-speed, of course, if they have attended to the transition to the new tariffs," — according to the "Yandex". 

The lowest cost of mobile internet access is fixed in the Southern Federal District, the largest index of affordability — in St. Petersburg. By both measures, lags far behind the Urals. "Spending on mobile access to the same portion of his salary, and that the average Russian citizen, a resident of the Ural federal district may be downloaded without speed limits by 40 percent less data" — the researchers note.

According to market research group TNS, in December 2012, nearly 27% of city residents took advantage of a variety of mobile devices to access the network. About 49% of mobile Internet users go online using smartphones. During 2012 the share of conventional cell phones decreased by half and accounted for 34%, while the share of tablets increased from 6% to 16%.

According to "Yandeks.Metriki" on February 2013, the share of Android and iOS account for about 60% of mobile devices to access the Internet / year ago — 42% /. Dramatically reduced the number of phones in Java and Symbian.

In March 2013 the average cost of mobile access to the Internet was 108 rubles per gigabyte of prepaid traffic.

A study conducted by Russia's largest Internet company "Yandex" has revealed falling growth rates of Internet users in Russia: a global network used by about half of the adult population. This was reported by ITAR-TASS in the company.

"The growth of the Internet audience is slowed down — from autumn 2011 to autumn 2012., It increased by 12%, while in the previous year the growth was 17%," — according to the study. The increasing pace of growth last year was recorded in only two federal regions — Central and Urals. In the two largest Russian cities — Moscow and St. Petersburg, the rate also increased, but this was due to population growth.

"Yandex" also refers to information about the Fund "Public opinion", according to which in the fall of 2012 the monthly Internet audience in Russia was 61.2 million over 18 years, representing more than 52% of the entire adult population of the country. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the number of internet users had virtually ceased to grow, stood at 70%.

At the same time, the company noted that in Russia rapidly growing number of mobile Internet users — over the past year the number has increased by over a third.

"The biggest growth was shown Volga and the North-West Federal District — the audience has increased by 60% and 53%, respectively. Out of the total picture is spoiled only the Far East — where the audience has decreased by 4%," — said the expert, "Yandex". 

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