Intervyu Oleg Vasilyevich Dolmatova on the eve of his birthday!

We all know (it is with regard to the old guard), among us there are people in the profession "wizards pen" that is, journalists, and are very good. So that's our modesty Komrad Sergei Feklyunina — among us, he just SF-18, does not know borders. Has been granted to him and his wife, Kate thank you so much for the great contribution to the organization of the acquisition of our form, so here's another one of his deed deserves great attention … in brief .. I mean meal on Saturday with a workout in the subway, I look man reads "MK" in the sport hearing and notice a familiar face-word combinations, and looked closely at what I see out there, interview the head coach of FC Rostov OV Dolmatova — well, that and decided to buy a newspaper (which had never done before), I bought and read at the bottom I see the author … Sunday exchanged letters with Sergei to classmates, asked what he poskromnichal and told us about it … in response to Gray sent me all his interviews ("MK" it is impossible to cut off) that's taking advantage of such an event spread its entirety. but only one … It was made by 18 November 2008 the then we did not know that the club will extend to the OV Dolmatov contract. and thank you once more that we have people like Sergey!

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