Investors develop Olhovatsky Sugar Factory

The group "Prodimeks" Igor Hudokormova invested in upgrading Olhovatsky sugar mill (Voronezh region), about $ 50 million reported in the government area.
JSC "Olhovatsky sugar plant" is one of the largest sugar refineries in the area. Planned daily production of sugar beet processing of 7.8 million tonnes. Raw materials for the company comes from the seven districts of the Voronezh and Belgorod regions.

Late last year, the company introduced the workshop for deshugarizatsii molasses (a waste of sugar manufacture, syrupy liquid is dark brown in color and odor). Deshugarzitsiya allows molasses extract of its mass 75% sugar, which remained at the previous technology in waste. The announced capacity of the plant was 300 tons of molasses per day.

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