Irina Gubskaya: Detained for white-red-white scarf

After being detained for Freedom Day on March 25 was set free BCD activist Irina Gubskaya. Sannikov's press secretary Oles Artoshchankava sent from prison Valadarski Street to the colony, without waiting for the appeal. In the case of December 19 another defendant — Oleg Hnedchyk.

Evening of March 28 was set free from prison in Minsk Akrestin Street activist created the BCD Irina Gubskaya. To prevent Gubskaya meet friends who were waiting for him at the detention center, the police have taken the girl in the office car in the city and they let loose. Freedom Irina told that on March 25 she was detained in the street when he saw her white-and-red-and-white scarf. In prison Gubskaya announced a hunger strike, she held until the time of release.

Irina Gubskaya

"For me it was a matter of principle, because I was illegally detained, kept in conditions that do not meet the requirements for such institutions, and thereafter still want me to obey them. For example, there are no basic mattresses, people are sleeping on boards. For me, it was a shock. It can not be hushed up. Or stated radio and TV, and we have nothing. Generally, the cooler a European jail, probably, the best a temporary detention center in Minsk. "

Gubskaya convicted March 28 in the morning in the court of the Soviet district of Minsk. The case considered Judge Dmitry Pavlyuchenko.

March 28, it became known that the charge of involvement in the riots on December 19 charged with Oleg Hnedchyk Menska.U January Hnedchyk spent three days in jail. Then he was questioned by security services as a suspect. Now Oleg Hnedchyk located in the Minsk detention center on the street Volodarskogo the human rights center "Viasna".

A spokesman for the former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov Ales Atroschankau, as suggested by his wife Darya Korsak, is already in prison, "Vitsba-3" of Vitebsk. Daria said Freedom:

Darya Korsak

"27 th we have suffered him to pass on Volodarskogo, but they have not accepted it. Secondly, at the same time on Saturday, I received a letter which he wrote on Thursday, as soon as it was brought to the" Volodarka. "And he wrote he already knows that on Friday it will carry on the stage, but did not know where. wrote that it was well received in the chamber and he is very glad that left the KGB detention., and noticed that after three months, "American", "Volodarka "it seems the station. possible that more people? Although noticed that his cell was not a lot of people. I think they kept it to the last in the KGB, so we did not have time to meet with him on Volodarskogo. Maybe he was going to tell of torture the KGB, so it is just below the stage and moved. "

Ales Atroschankau was convicted March 2 of 4 years in prison for involvement protests on December 19. April 5 will consider the appeal against the sentence Otroshchenkov Frunze court.

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