Iris-Neva — cosmetics manufacturer from St. Petersburg

CJSC "Cosmetic Factory" iridium-Neva "- Russian manufacturer of hair care products since 1927.

The factory's products lead among hair dye without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

It is in the walls of the EC "Iris-Neva" for the first time in Russia was made hair dye.

IRIDA name is synonymous with the tinting of hair.
Coloring shampoo «IRIDA M» classic first and to this day the only means of coloring the hair in Russia, received a certificate of conformity GOST!

In the factory, care about preserving the environment. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. No particle pigments are not released to the environment!

The company "iridium-Neva" — a concern for the health and beauty of hair, gentle coloring, continuity of care before, during and after coloring.

Brand Story

1927 — Opening of the factory "iridium-Neva" in Leningrad. The rich history of Russian producers of hair care began with the production of shampoos. Hair dyes have also been in the range, but no one in those days and did not occur to change the color of the hair. Iridium had to wait …

, 1941-1945. — In the period of the Great Patriotic War, the company "iridium-Neva" put all their efforts to help people. The combine sewing camouflage nets, underwear and clothing for the soldiers, saccharin produced for the residents of besieged Leningrad. Done for the people and everything to win!

1979 — the best specialists of "Ir-Neva" developing a coloring shampoo "IRIDA". Exquisite color your hair at home, ease of use, rich palette of fashionable colors, 100% of the painting of yellow and gray, and all this without any harm to the hair! Not surprisingly, the novelty of a success among shoppers.

1998 — reconstruction of treatment facilities. Thanks to this program, the company "iridium-Neva" today is an environmentally friendly production.

1999 — a research laboratory factory "iridium-Neva" was purchased by modern research equipment, allowing engineers to exercise all of their professional skills and develop products for hair, depending on their type, structure, and taking into account how certain additives in coloring means to influence the state of the hair.

2000 — the position of General Director of "Ir-Neva" comes Vyacheslav V. Netsvetaev. The first step is the development of a new head of its own research laboratory.

2000 — the opening of a new plant for the production of persistent hair dyes.

2002 — the factory is renamed ZAO "cosmetic factory" iridium-Neva ".

2011 — the company "iridium-Neva" brings to market a unique product "Balm Spray IRIDA« AVICENTA »to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth" with the first clinically proven effect and the cost of the course up to 700 rubles. The line is represented by two means: IRIDA «AVICENTA» for men and IRIDA «AVICENTA» for women.

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