Irkutsk aircraft factory. The production of the Su-30 combat training aircraft Yak-130

Author of the report — Slava Stepanov (Gelio)

Irkutsk Aviation Plant — specialized in the production of both military and civilian aircraft, including fighter jets Su-30MK series and combat training aircraft Yak-130. The company also produces components for aircraft group Airbus. Prior to 2011, the IAZe made amphibious aircraft Be-200 (currently the project of Be-200 Beriev referred to. Beriev). Recently, the plant started production deployments passenger aircraft MS-21. Irkutsk Aviation Plant is part of the Corporation "Irkut". 

Shop 332. Shop tooling aggregate-assembly production

Shop 28. Transient aircraft assembly beams

Shop 43. Empennage assembly shop

The assembly of the wing Yak-130

In 2008, the IAP started assembling the new two-seater combat training Yak-130.
The Ministry of Defence has selected the Yak-130 as the baseline aircraft for basic training and re-training of Air Force pilots Russia

Shop of international industrial cooperation, which produced parts for Airbus

It produces components for the Airbus A320: this is a niche nose landing gear keel beam and directing the flap.

Keel beam

Final assembly

Start assembling the cockpit of the Su-30
Currently in mass production are multi-purpose combat aircraft Su-30MK in various versions, including Air India, China, Malaysia, Algeria, Indonesia, Venezuela

Length of the wires included in the system of the aircraft on the Yak-130 is about 30 km, and the Su-30 — about 70 km

Installation of the fuselage wiring products Yak-130

Installation of the harness in the engine nacelle of the Su-30

Aircraft assembly line

The final installation of hatches on the Yak-130. Provide clearance for them is a delicate matter

Multifunction Displays — the most important instruments in the cockpits, so inoperative require serious protection

Installation on the Su-30 "all-seeing eye." Radar spots opponent depending on the distance of about 200 km. And it can capture up to 10 targets simultaneously.

Stage assembly of aircraft systems: hydraulics, landing gear, fuel system and etc.
The Su-30 girds up to 4 thousand pipes included in these systems. The Yak-130 — about two thousand pipes.

Large Su-30 and Yak-130 is small.
For comparison, the wingspan of the Su-30 — 14.7 m, the Yak-130 — about 10m, "drying" in length — 21.9 m, and the Yak-130 — about 11.5 weight fighter — 19 tons, and educational and combat aircraft — only 5.4 tons.

Processing of aircraft crew moyschits.

The Su-30 is ready for flight tests

Thank you for the leadership and the press-service of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant for the organization of shooting!

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