Irkutsk scientists have created a new drug for tuberculosis

World breakthrough. In Irkutsk, is preparing to release a new cure for tuberculosis. Invented a unique effective formula in the Institute of Chemistry, and the drug will produce a local pharmaceutical companies.

From the bulb to the counters of pharmacies perhlozon was 25 years old. The history of the drug began in the Institute of Chemistry of Tabor. Irkutsk scientists have worked for several years on a new molecule — the one that will be treated for tuberculosis. Chemists have created more than one hundred medicinal formulas. Chose one of them. Based on it, the pharmaceutical company has produced perhlozon. He became the first forty years of the drug against tuberculosis in the medical world.  

— Tuberculosis — a scourge of mankind. That which is available now, is largely outdated, and people are dying, taking the old means. If this drug will save lives, it is an invaluable achievement, — said the deputy director for science Irkutsk Institute of Chemistry. AE Tabor Valery Stankevich.

— High-speed mixer granulator. If drying is required, use a drying cabinet.

And about six vehicles. In this experimental laboratory active molecule into a tablet. Our crew showed no cure: it's a secret until the pharmaceutical company. According to the Director of Science and Innovation Alexander Guschina, perhlozon — quite an achievement in modern medicine. Every year the world is not created more than 10-20 medication. 

— Clinical trials were conducted three phases of independent studies in different institutions of Russia. The effectiveness of the drug was confirmed in August this year. And in November, received a registration certificate, — says Director of Science and Innovation of "Pharmasyntez" Alexander Guscin.

Today perhlozon — a new step in the treatment of tuberculosis. Feature of the drug is that its components operate only on tubercle bacillus and do not affect others — useful — the bacteria organism. In hospitals and clinics perhlozon launched at the beginning of next year.

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