Irkutsk scientists have developed a device for the treatment of cancer

It's called "The laser for photodynamic therapy of cancer." The project won the competition for the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises "Medicine of the Future." Therefore, for further development and commercialization of the project will be sent to 780,000 rubles.


 Created a unique instrument in the industrial park Irkutsk Technical University. In its development participated as young scientists and students. Know-how is very different from the technique that has been used. It is a solid, has a high energy pulse, its wavelength is suitable for most drugs with which the method of photodynamic therapy of cancers. Due to the higher efficiency laser drugs consumed less, which reduces the number of processes and the cost of treatment. " The laser has passed preliminary tests. The device will be presented to the Russian Venture Fair, which will take place from 20 to 21 September in Irkutsk.

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