Irkutsk: the implementation of the program of resettlement of slum housing

Keys from new apartments were 36 families from the city of Cheremhovo Irkutsk region. last week in the federal resettlement program of old and dilapidated housing. For these purposes, in the past, it was built 2-storey 18-apartment houses, the total cost of the work amounted to 60 million rubles.



The total area of new buildings was 2 thousand square meters. m, in the apartments have new windows, counters, hot and cold water and heat, fire alarm, plumbing, been redecorated. In the near future the administration intends to occupy another 18 tikvartirny house, also built under the federal program. In summer about new buildings will be equipped with parking and driveways. 

In the program of resettlement of dilapidated housing city Cheremhovo involved since 2005, during which time resettled 649 families (more than 2 million people)

In June 2011 Cheremkhovo keys from new apartments were 25 families of five dilapidated houses. The area of housing was 1.1 thousand sq.m.  





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