Irkutsk — there is nothing in the world that can be put on a par with Siberia

The word "Siberia" — has long been kind of alarm bell sounds, signaling something vaguely powerful and imminent. Siberia will inevitably feel themselves even those who have never been in it and is not far from her life and interests. She entered the lives and interests of many, many — if not as a physical, material concept, the notion of a moral that promises a vague but welcome upgrade. 

There is nothing in the world that could be put on a par with Siberia. She seems to have existed as an independent planet, it has everything that should be on this planet in all three kingdoms of nature — the earth, under the earth and in the sky. Her own life, so the variety and different character, you can not define well-known concepts. With all that there is in it of good and bad, discovered and undiscovered, and the accomplished nesvershennogo, hopeful and inaccessible, Siberia — it's Siberia, which has its name, is in place and worn out, no matter what else is similar in nature.

From end to end, and from end to end over her own spirit soars, as if still not decided, be it good or bad — depending on how people behave here. Over the four years since the Russian conquest of Siberia, it seems to have remained a giant, who tamed and brought in some places in the divine form, but never woke up completely. And this awakening, a spiritual awareness of her herself, hopefully more to come. "

Siberians. Historically a mixed ethnic population of Siberia. The indigenous people call themselves Siberians. Life among the harsh nature has marked them.

"What scares in Siberia others, for us (native Siberians) is not only familiar, but also necessary, it is easier to breathe when the winter frost, not drops, we feel peace, not fear in the pristine, wild taiga; immeasurable expanses and mighty rivers have shaped our freestyle, restive soul "(V. Rasputin).

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