Is Turkey the new favorite of the Islamic world?

Is Turkey the new leader of the Islamic world?

Endless string of protracted Arab revolutions, which at first were called "springs", and now have gone through the summer and entered the autumn, leading to severe changes in the world order. If a couple of years back world exactly divisible by NATO and neNATO, "us" and "them", it is now a clear distinction to sometimes becomes not only difficult and even impossible. South American foreign policy, aimed at pleasing the U.S. imposition of "democratic" principles now under these principles are not averse to realize a hierarchical system of relations in the movement "Taliban" or constructive Islamic organization "Muslim Brotherhood." And, indeed, why stand on ceremony if their own hands former sworn enemies, you can access the supplies to major oil in Libya, Iraq, drug routes into Afghanistan. It's no secret that the export of drugs from Afghanistan of the same after the start of the NATO operation there has grown significantly. South American troops, battling with an abstract enemy, do not make the puzzle "brotherly" help the people of Afghanistan, and even not protect the interests of the United States — they just make way for the influx of Western capital billionaires that this war is very much at hand.

It may be noted that the system of values of the modern world do not even have anything to do with the fact that there were only 20-30 years ago. Now speaking of defending the interests of this or another country, we have to look at the economic component of the process. World favorites will not "sully" white handle, if in the place where their attention is focused, there is no oil or gas.

That's why the Arab revolutions that are taking place under the motto "Give us democracy!", In fact reflect the interests of certain groups of people have already found their eagle eye of expensive deposits of minerals. Now passion torn Libya, and while no one really knows, who will get the opportunity to control all of its innumerable deposits of "black gold." Against this background, several Orphan look Tunisia and Egypt, where the revolution has ended, and questions about the bright future of the people do not complete. Americans and other adherents of democracy as a sluggish react to what is happening in these countries. It is understandable — no oil, no gas in such quantities as in the same Libya, is not there. And if not, what they say, why continue to pursue the "democratic" attempts.

We show the vacuum in Egypt and Tunisia are not averse to complete the design and Islamists. The main thing is that the West looks at it through his fingers. You can imagine for yourself, what reincarnated Egyptian resorts after they will have to develop the banner of Sharia. For obvious reasons, in a bikini, showing off all of its beauty, and with a bottle of whiskey in his hand, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh is not clear. Are for such an eventuality the Egyptians themselves. The best part, unfortunately, is — yes! To understand why, you need to see the everyday life of Egyptians during the reign of Hosni Mubarak. Egypt, with its no small tourism sector received huge profits from what it once a year visited by millions of tourists. With all of this mean people had an income, which he hardly enough to feed his family. Then tell me, and that for this purpose the average Egyptian will change if the Islamists come to power. In financial terms, perhaps nothing. And besides, he finished build the way from the beach to the hotel are intoxicated by the South American, German and, of course, the Russian tourists. Here is the man leaped Egyptian nationalism with an Islamic touch.

A fear of new Islamic laws are not ordinary Egyptians, and those who are interested in the development of the tourism business — it's the owners of hotels, yacht clubs, dive centers and other "movers and shakers of the Egyptian." They have something to lose. Well, NATO before their case is not special — will, they say, our people vacation in Miami Beach or in the azure. Just something …

Catching the trend of the time, "abandonment" overboiled revolutions and other Arab countries, the Prime Turkey Sovereign Erdogan decided that such a moment can and should take advantage of, until someone made it forward. Against the background of the manifestations of radicalism in Egypt, Tunisia and Palestine, Erdogan decided to call upon the Muslim countries of the region for mutually beneficial cooperation. Turkish Prime Minister to say precisely off of their government as the new favorite of the Muslim world. Before the "Arab Spring" was listed as a favorite so just did Egypt. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has already managed to make a number of meetings with representatives of these countries and provide them with the latest formula of cooperation, in which Turkey will take managerial position. In other words, Turkey is willing to do some of the military alliance candidate for the Muslim areas of Near East and North Africa.

These efforts of Turkey against the backdrop of growing confrontation with Israel. The once-friendly countries quite spoiled mutual partnership affairs after the famous "peace flotilla" traveling from Turkey to Israel blockaded Gaza Strip. Then the hands of the Israeli special forces killed nine Turkish people, and the cabinet has expressed regret and shadow over the incident. Turkey has begun to boil, expelled the Israeli ambassador and its example was followed in a number of other Islamic states. The decor is heating up even more due to the fact that Turkey little pressure on the UN to recognize the Palestinian independent state.

In this situation, it may be most difficult to account for the United States. Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton, commenting on the conflict between Israel and Turkey, it looks pretty scattered and hard picks diplomatic definition of which is it clear whose side she personally and the United States as a whole side. This is logical, because the United States over all the duties should support Turkey, because it is a member of NATO. How can that be with Israel which is the only state of the parties to the conflict, a nuclear-weapon. Not many, Israel is always listed as a stronghold of the United States in the region. It turns out that the United States can not support someone in this confrontation. In this regard, the Americans somehow ingratiating that they do not seem to require the UN to postpone the question of the independence of Palestine.

Almost Turkey gives to understand the world that it is now in the Middle East will have to take even nuclear powers. If the same Egypt and Tunisia will accept Erdogan's proposal, the course of the coming Islamization under the Turkish flag becomes natural. But Erdogan will be able to keep control of the design Islamist movements — the big question.

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