Isinbayeva new world record!

Russian athlete Yelena Isinbayeva won the commercial tournament in Stockholm, setting a new world record in the pole vault on the premises.

Two-time Olympic champion showed the result of 5 meters 1 centimeter on the second attempt, after the third attempt by taking the bar, set on 4.92 meters. Before the Russian has ensured the victory with a score of 4.82 meters.

The absolute record Isinbayeva — 5 feet 6 inches — installed in 2009.

The second took place in Sweden, Briton Holly Blisdeyl, the third — Yarisley Silva from Jamaica.

To start this Isinbayeva became the fourth since the beginning of the season after the event on January 21 in Volgograd, February 8 in Bydgoszcz (Poland) and 14 February Levene (France).

The next tournament for the Russians will be the winter world championship in Istanbul, which kicks off on March 9.

Also in Stockholm, won Russian Anna Chicherova, has overcome the bar, set at a height of two meters.

In the winners came and Olympic champion from Russia, Yuri Borzakovskiy. Crown distance of 800 meters, he overcame a 1-minute 46 and 19 hundredths of a second, which is the third time of the day. Won by Ethiopian Mohammed Aman, the second place went to the Pole Marcin Lewandowski.

Russia's Antonina Krivoshapka in the race at 400 meters won silver. Its result — 51.81 seconds.

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