Israel: animals warn of earthquakes




"26/03 0:45 Dogs and fish in the norm. Cancer clicked twice. Probably expected to be about 3-4 points in the range 0 GMT on Iran — Turkey." At the date of this announcement, it is — the last entry on the site of Alexander Jagodina, inzhenenra Geophysics, who five years ago moved to Israel, and four years ago proposed the original project to develop earthquake warning system — with the use of animals.

Someone forecasts Jagodina may seem naive and have no basis in reality scientific base. Certainly, the efforts of the scientist does not allow single people to save in the event of another quake. And the ways in which he tries to convince the Israeli government — to pay attention to his studies and to use the proposed methodology for the salvation of men — is hardly effective. However, the idea of using animals with a special ability to sense natural disasters certainly deserves attention.

Jagodina project in the summer of 2004 received a positive assessment of the program Basha (Ministry of National Infrastructure of Israel). However, so far no real support for this project by officials not — even after the December 2004 tsunami in South Asia, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Israel is in a seismic zone, on a geological fault line. Each year, the tremors of Israelis concerned, but still a serious earthquake damage in this part of the world is not applied. Seismologists indicate that in the near future, Israel may be affected by the earthquake of enormous destructive power, which lead to the deaths of thousands of people, if not to ensure the timely evacuation of the population.

Battery News, 28.03.2005 20:42

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