Israel developed the first drone capable of conducting videorazvedku smokers

Israel developed the first drone capable of conducting videorazvedku smokers
First in the world small-sized rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Xavier with the onboard equipment allowing lead videorazvedku inside buildings and other ground infrastructure, created by an Israeli company Camero.
This unit will be able to see the guests opening in Paris on Tuesday special international exhibition means to ensure the security of the country «MILIPOL 2013».
As explained Israeli spetsy, Xavier resettled ad hoc wireless communication system Xavier Net for remote monitoring and control systems onboard unit. The device provides video interior structure through its roof, on which he hangs when the flight with a special onboard radar and optical equipment, reports ITAR-TASS.
The device created for a special purpose forces, counterterrorism assault groups, intelligence units and allows them to accurately determine the presence of people and their placement inside at least some of the structure. Identified as Israeli experts at the unit for the first time shown on zabugornoy exhibition.

Together with the UAV system and Xavier Xavier Net, company Camero show in Paris full range of their own development to fight terrorists. Among them, namely, miniature handmade device detect people through walls Xavier-100 and a clear indication of their location inside the building marked the distance from the wall. These devices enable command special forces mission to develop more effective scenarios captured terrorists storming buildings.

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