Israel is able to carry out a successful operation in Iran: Assessing the Pentagon

Israel is able to carry out a successful operation in Iran: Assessing the Pentagon Government Israel does not rule out the possibility of putting an air strike on Iran. But most of the American military professionals ranging that it will have the capacity to carry out such a successful operation. For all this they they say that to conduct such operations would need at least 100 aircraft, since the existing armed Israeli army fighter F-15I and F-16I have a small range. Because for the realization of flight over a distance of thousands of miles in the air will need to raise and aircraft-refueling tankers (which, by the way, Israel is only 7 units). In order to ensure that they cover, will be useful for more fighters, but they also need topping up again.

Experts and they say that Israeli jets fail so easy to get close to their targets. Iran's air defense system will do its best to prevent this. So Makarov, some aircraft will have to take the blow, distracting the enemy radars and interceptors.

Another likely cause of trouble — is the placement of nuclear facilities. A significant part of them scattered all over the area of the country, besides, some of them pretty well fortified. Because of their complete defeat in handy not a couple of bombs, and several series of attacks made by no one plane. Moreover, doubts have caused professionals and shells available to the Israelis as to the merits of the successful goals will need to break through the concrete layer width of 1 meter.

According to the views of former CIA Director Michael Hayden, even in this case the Israeli planes fly so far and will cause an air strike on Iran's nuclear program there severe damage they inflict still fail. At the same time, Anthony Cordesman believes that there is a possibility that the Israeli government has significantly more disk imaging on enemy property, which allows it to be sure of the success of the operation. Notwithstanding these differences, most experts are unanimous in regarding the outlook of the path that will fly the aircraft — it is the small path through the air space of Iraq and Jordan. Such a choice is explained very good relations with Jordan, Israel, the lack of Iraq's own defense system.

Also, all the experts are unanimous in the belief about the chances for a successful implementation of the planned target. They they say that a similar operation will be difficult to even South American armed forces, despite a much larger arsenal of weapons and equipment.

Rumors about the ability of applying Israeli air strike on Iran began to spread rapidly a few days back, after the statement of the minister of foreign affairs of England William Hague, which said that an attack on Iran — not the wisest decision of the Israeli government, is also chairman of the South American Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, which referred to a similar attack ill-conceived action.

In addition, the U.S. government is seriously concerned that the operations carried out by Israel could provoke retaliation by Iran, but by South American military targets and the armies that are in the Persian Gulf.

Earlier, the government Israel has stated that he does not want to notify the official South American authorities to conduct bombing Iran's nuclear facilities, explaining the reluctance to implicate America and lay down on her control and responsibility for the development of a similar situation.

But do not rule out such power that the United States would join Israel. A similar statement was made by some bureaucrats white houses. This will happen in this case, if the Israeli government Yankees will be able to provide evidence that Iran's nuclear programm is a military nature. About the same, and said U.S. President Barack Obama, which promised to use military action against Iran if Tehran develops nuclear weapon.

Earlier it was reported that south american Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the ability of the application of an Israeli strike in the spring of 2012.
In response to reports of the dangers of an Israeli attack on Iran, the Iranian government said it will storm any state, with areas which will be held anger against the country.

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