Israeli fighter jets took to the skies for UFOs over Tel Aviv

Unidentified flying object for a few minutes paralyzed the international airport "Ben-Gurion" in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. The alarm had been raised to the sky fighters.

As the portal ISRAland, all flights were suspended after the close of the air borders of Israel was reported an unidentified object. After the alarm was raised in the air fighters, but later it became clear that the object is not an enemy plane or drone and not a threat.

After this work was resumed airport. The routine departures and landings at Ben Gurion Airport was disrupted for 15-20 minutes. Led to identify the object could not stir. As noted in an interview with a source in the defense Walla, "such incidents when it can not accurately identify an object radar facilities, occur frequently. Preferably, in such cases, not risk, so we are sending aircraft to meet an unidentified object. "

Category: UFOs and aliens

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