ISS: the plans on launching satellites for 2012-2013.

"The Messenger"

ISS ready this year to replenish constellation "messenger" five more devices

JSC "Information Satellite Systems Academician Reshetnev" (ISS), creating a global communications satellite system "messenger" is ready this year to launch five more satellites of this type, adding to the existing constellation, told RIA Novosti CEO-general designer Nikolai Testoedov enterprise.

According to him, now in orbit eight satellites in the "messenger" of which there are three, but they are almost worn out.

"We have the stocks have five satellites" The Messenger "- three are ready and we are now two finish. Thus, this year we are ready to launch another five satellites in the system launches are planned for the end of the year. We will be launching on three devices (for once): first the first three, then two, which will fly together with some other incidental apparatus. Hopefully that will be ready to rocket scientists and technology cycles spaceports will make these launches at this time, "- said Testoedov.

According to him, the satellites will be launched by rocket "rumble."

"The new spacecraft be added to the three that are still functional. I understand that over the years, some satellites have outlived their usefulness and out of service, but in any case, by 2015, this group must be at least 12 vehicles, which provide global coverage services of the system, "- said General Director-general designer ISS.

Speaking about the meeting of the Council of Chief Designers, which took place at the plant on Monday, he said that it, in particular, the issues related to satellite systems "messenger."

"On the advice of the chief designers were considered normal, ongoing questions about the spacecraft system," messenger ", related to the supply of components, funding, schedules, deadlines. On the issues, so good and on time, because when adjusting Roscosmos Federal Space Program (2015 year, which is now under consideration by the government of the Russian Federation) allocates the necessary means to ensure that this group has been created in an amount of not less than 12 units, "- said Testoedov.

Kocmicheckaya cictema "Gonets" — a system of global personal satellite communication and data transmission that operates on the basis of low-orbit satellites and small user terminals having a distributed network of regional ground stations. Applications of "The Messenger": the creation of institutional, corporate and administrative networks, control condition and location of moving vehicles, environmental monitoring, collection of scientific information (surveying, hydrological, meteorological), industrial monitoring and control of the state electricity infrastructure, oil and gas pipelines , provision of communication in remote areas with poor infrastructure (Far North, Siberia and the Far East); providing emergency communications (earthquakes, floods, environmental and industrial disasters).


Satellite launches "Luch-5B" and "Luch-5B" is planned in June 2012 and the end of 2013 — ISS

The integration of the spacecraft "Luch-5B"


Starts Russian relay satellites "Luch-5B" and "Luch-5B" scheduled for July this year and by the end of 2013, respectively, told RIA Novosti on Monday, general designer, general director of JSC "Information Satellite Systems Academician Reshetnev" (ISS, the company- manufacturer of satellites, "Ray"), Nicholas Testoedov.

"Luch-5B" and "Luch-5B" — the second and third satellites multifunctional space system relaying "Ray." Spacecraft are based on the platform of the middle class "Express-1000" and are intended for information exchange low-flying objects rocket and space technology to Earth. Relay satellites are created as part of the Federal Space Program for 2006-2015.

"In addition to the" Ray-5A ", which was launched on December 11 last year in conjunction with the Israeli AMOS-5 satellite, we plan to launch in July of this year," Ray-5B "and at the end of 2013 — the launch of" Ray-5B. " Both satellites will be launched by rocket "Proton-M" — said Testoedov.

According to him, "Luch-5B" will be launched together with another Russian spacecraft communications — "Yamal-300K", which ordered the company "Gazprom Space Systems." Satellite, "Luch-5B" run jointly with the Kazakh satellite KazSat-3, which also creates the ISS, he said.

"That is, there will be three in-orbit satellite systems (" Ray "), which will stand evenly on the geostationary arc and provide a global relay signals from the low-flying vehicles for the ISS and other customers" — said Testoedov.

Speaking about the meeting of the Council of Chief Designers, which took place in the ASC on Monday, he said that it considered the issues related to satellite systems "Ray."

"We considered current issues. At the Council, we tend to consider all the issues that are holding them and a few dozen, so we consider each topic equipment delivery schedules, financing, emerging challenges, dates and so on. Every two years we do a general Review. According to "Ray" everything is on schedule, funding is allocated on time and in the required quantities, "- said General Director-general designer ISS.

"In all KazSat-3 also is on schedule. Today is the complement of instruments for the payload and the platform" — Testoedov said, adding that in the creation of KazSat-3 is also involved European company Thales Alenia Space, which creates a payload for This satellite.

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